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Periodically, I write commentary on student papers as a way to communicate that students have or have not the expectations for a particular assignment, with an explanation about what might be missing.  Adding commentary to student work is not something that one can reasonably do on all papers but it is an effective practice that can be undertaken on some regular interval.  I randomly select the work to which I will add commentary.  This way, I avoid the habit to always pick certain students.

Writing commentary allows me to give feedback to my students that will help them know what was done well or what can be improved in their work.  The recognition of the effort helps some learners become more motivated to give greater effort the next time.  The feedback is not always praise.  It might be instructions to make changes and re-submit an assignment.  Or, it might be a request for additional work.   Ideally, I will include a reference to a learning target or standard.  

  Student Feedback: Student Commentary
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Cell Division

Unit 5: Unit 2- Cells
Lesson 24 of 30

Objective: Students will know that mitosis produces diploid daughter cells and meiosis produces haploid daughter cells.

Big Idea: Mitosis produces cells that are identical to the parent cell.

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chromosome, Science, gametes, cell division, diploid, haploid, cytokinesis, binary fission, somatic, somatic cell
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