Reflection: Supervising Student Teachers FIELD TRIP!!! - Section 3: WOWs and Wonders


When arriving back from the field trip, I had my student teacher lead the discussion on the classes WOWs and Wonders. I was called away and could not get film footage of the discussion that took place. I find it helpful to go over these activities right after they have occurred with student teachers to help them reflect and learn. When sitting down with her, she said that the students had so much to talk about and the hardest part was getting them to take turns. This was a perfect opportunity to go over procedures for how successful discussions can take place and still let everyone get to speak and have their thoughts validated. I explained to her that this is where the role of teacher facilitator is most important. We do not have to be the lead the whole discussion, but allow students to build on one another's ideas to learn and share. 

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  Supervising Student Teachers: Leading Discussions
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Unit 5: Processes That Shape the Earth
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT hike a canyon and a trail through an old lava field to better understand how the earth's process have shaped the land where we live.

Big Idea: Field trips are a great way for students to experience first hand accounts of key learning and concepts. This field trip takes us into a canyon and then to another area where we can hike a lava field.

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