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I feel like I expect a lot from my first graders and I push them to do scientific thinking. We have been around the engineering design cycle so many times I'm surprised they aren't dizzy! However, I have to stop myself sometimes and appreciate the simplicity that sometimes "just works". In this video, I caught myself as two of my students designed a very simple tower. However, when I thought about it, how many skyscrapers are built as very simple towers? Lots! So, I am glad I stopped myself and let them go with it - they were happy with their work and their design fit what I asked of them. Just because it was not the most creative did not mean it was not functional. I have to be clear in what I ask and expect, and then I have to remember to appreciate that sometimes my students did their very best - and it was great!!! Watch as I ask about my student's design for their Cube tower. Here is their actual Partner Plan.

  High Expectations: How Hard Should I Push?
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STEM Lab: Plan a Balanced Tower

Unit 10: Forces and Motion: Balance
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT design a balanced tower using their knowledge of balance!

Big Idea: We know how balance can you design a two foot tall tower that balances?

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Science, Motion, Forces and Newton's Laws, First Grade, 1.P.1.3 Predict the effect of a given force on the motion of an object, including balanced forces, Forces, Forces and Motion, balances
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