Reflection: Checks for Understanding Wave Hello - Section 2: Wave Homework Quiz with Socrative


At this point in the year, I routinely expect students to be able to learn material on their own. These are juniors and seniors in high school and this class is intended to prepare them for college. I believe this to be a reasonable expectation. On average, students score 86% on the homework check. If I factor out the few students who did not do the assignment, the class average increases to 95%. This tells me that most of the students completed the assignment and that they understood most of the material. The remainder of the class is to reinforce the concepts and to introduce a few more.

  Checks for Understanding: Student homework
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Wave Hello

Unit 5: Waves
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Objective: Students define a wave and apply concepts such as wavelength, frequency and velocity to wave problems.

Big Idea: The velocity of a wave can be determined by multiplying the wavelength times the frequency or by dividing the distance the wave travels by the time it takes to travel a that distance.

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