Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Hiking the Canyon: A Teacher's Tale - Section 1: Review of Learning


Science journals are great to have, but students need to practice using them as reference tools. Students need to remember to get them out and practice searching them for the needed information. I remind them every time we put notes into them that we will use them later in discussions and in other lessons. Students with special needs now have a tool that will help them when trying to participate. During lessons, I encourage students to add drawings and their own notes so that they can remember more. 

  Science Journal
  Diverse Entry Points: Science Journal
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Hiking the Canyon: A Teacher's Tale

Unit 5: Processes That Shape the Earth
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT hike with the teacher as they adventure into the Grand Canyon and use their knowledge of how the canyon was formed to understand the presentation.

Big Idea: Some field trips are just not likely to happen and one way around this is to bring personal adventures to the classroom. Students are more likely to be engaged knowing that you took the pictures and can then explain their learning as they enjoy your experi

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canyon layers
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