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I'm glad I spent the time to "go back" and have students solidify their thinking in this concept.  As seen in my reflection video, this was time well spent.

Beside seeing fourth graders have fun and pretend to be drinking coffee, (sometimes they think they're too old to pretend and "play") this lesson went very well. I'm glad I made the adjustments in my planning and took a day to review the concept of multiplying by multiples of ten. All students were able to practice Math Practice Standard 3 and communicate their math thinking.  Students who needed more practice with multiplying by multiples of ten, were able to do so in a non-threatening fun way while students who have grasped this concepts were able to refine their math communication when demonstrating and solving a problem for a peer. These students had opportunities to answer questions and explain their thinking in order to help another student and deepen their own understanding.

If I had to change anything, I would do this lesson before the lesson entitled one digit by two-digit multiplication which is not what I ended up doing. I think if I had done this lesson first, students would have been able to concentrate more on the area model.  Instead, students ended up thinking a lot about what the product of a one-digit and multiple of ten was instead of how the area model is helpful for multiplication.

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Multiplying multiples of ten - Not your Daily Grind

Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Lesson 6 of 22

Objective: SWBAT practice making area models to find products of one-digit by two digit multiplication problems.

Big Idea: Students continue to deepen their understanding of multiplication and look for patterns in structure as they multiply by multiples of ten.

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