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One of the best ways to engage students is for students to see real world applications of what is being taught.  As a teacher you might create innovative lessons that are intended to spark genuine curiosity in how the world works but for some students this is plainly not enough. These students are bombarded with so much information that without knowing it they are putting a priority on to what they pay attention to. If you find real world applications, you create a self to topic connection (especially for those middle schoolers who are buy trying to figure out who they are). Engaging students using connections to their everyday experience provides relevance. Being able to tap into student background knowledge is a good way of engaging but importantly maintaining that initial level of engagement through the lesson.

In this lesson the way I included  a real world application is by incorporating a humanistic approach in terms of a genetic disease, neurofibromatosis.  By starting class with a video and expanding using a reading students understood that genetics plays a vital part in their lives and that when this delicate process goes awry devastating consequences occur.  

  Real World Applications
  Real World Applications: Real World Applications
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It's in Your Genes: Finding a Gene on a Chromosome Map

Unit 6: Inheritance and Variation
Lesson 14 of 19

Objective: SWBAT use a pedigree and jigsaw puzzles to explore how scientists use genetic information from a family to identify a gene associated with a genetic disorder.

Big Idea: Exploration of chromosomes and genetic diversity .

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