Reflection: Student Ownership Sunlight and Darkness Part 2 - Section 2: Doing the Experiment


Students feel a sense of ownership and pride when the work they are doing is coming from themselves. In this lesson students designed and carried out the experiment. They are the ones who decided where to put their plants, how to record their findings, and what they thought might happen.

Each day they come into the classroom and go to check on their plants. Do they need water? Are they growing? Are the leaves turning brown? etc. They are much more involved with this experiment because it is their own.

While it is my job to encourage learning, and to be there as a resource, I need to remember how important it is for students to do things on their own. They need to have an investment in their own learning, and this experiment allowed that to happen.

  Taking Ownership
  Student Ownership: Taking Ownership
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Sunlight and Darkness Part 2

Unit 6: How Does It Grow
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use their experimental designs to conduct an experiment on the effects of sunlight and darkness on growing plants

Big Idea: Students have a better understanding of an experiment when they create the steps and then have to follow just those steps to complete their experiment.

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Science, experimental design, plants, growing plants, sunlight, nature, dark
  40 minutes
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