Reflection: Checks for Understanding Sunlight and Darkness Part 1 - Section 3: Creating The Design


This lesson not only encouraged students to explore the growth needs of plants, it also gave me a chance to assess student understanding of the scientific process of conducting an experiment. I did not give students an outline to follow because I wanted to see what they knew about the parts of an experimental design.

All groups, except 1 put in a hypothesis, remembered to write a materials (some titled it ingredients) list, and to add the steps they would take to complete the task. Most groups included a heading for results or observations. They had put in the question that I had given them to start with.

For the group that had difficulty, I met with them the next morning, before our science class to talk them through the creating of an experiment. They had a series of pictures and we talked about whether those were the steps they would take or what they thought would happen. As we talked, they were able to add a hypothesis, number their steps, and put in the materials they needed.

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  Checks for Understanding: Assessing Student Learning
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Sunlight and Darkness Part 1

Unit 6: How Does It Grow
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT design an experiment to determine if plants can grow in darkness as well as light

Big Idea: SWBAT design their own sun and dark experiment based on previous work with plants and experimental design.

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Science, experimental design, plants, communication, sunlight, nature, dark
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