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When I first began to plan this unit, I considered cutting it because I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how to make it a meaningful learning experience.  At the end of the day, I realized I was thinking too hard.  At this age, our students are often aware of everything that is around them, yet we forget to give them credit for wanting to learn.  With our every growing curriculum, it often feels like we should teach them more..faster..sooner.  The beauty in slowing down comes with the benefit of a deeper learning.  With this specific unit, it occurred to me that I should not only break it down, but also create a direct connection to their real lives.  Take a simple cotton ball, for example.  Our students may have noticed it when it was used to clean a wound.   Did they see it as an elemental part of their clothes, though?  In future lessons, we extend this to help our students better understand that something simple can change forms so dramatically that is creates unexpected- yet essential-elements of comfort and beauty in our world, things that they’ll appreciate much more now. 

  Steeped in Reality
  Real World Applications: Steeped in Reality
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Funny Fabric-Friendly Fibers

Unit 13: Funny Fabric
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: Students will investigate a cotton ball by observing individual fibers creating a diagram.

Big Idea: Where does cotton come from?

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