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You may choose to teach this lesson and cover your math and science standards. In my math lesson,"What is Happening to the Little Brown Bat?", I focus more on the math standards of graph building. In this lesson, however, I focus on change over time and what it can tell us about our environment and it's future. 

Think about creating the graphs during your math class, as I did, and then pulling them out and having detailed scientific conversations about what the data can teach your students. This is a fantastic way to get a lot done in a meaningful and connected way. 

  Using Math Data to Create Scientific Understanding
  Relevance: Using Math Data to Create Scientific Understanding
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What's Going On?

Unit 10: Engineering and Design: Saving the Little Brown Bat
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to make claims about the bat's population based on data in a graph they create.

Big Idea: All human activity draws on natural resources and has both short and long-term consequences for the health of people and the natural environment. This lesson will prompt students to consider those consequences.

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Science, problem-solution, life science, Claims and Evidence, plot graph, change over time, habitats, environmental change, engineering and design
  55 minutes
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