Reflection: Relevance Lessons from Galileo - Section 4: Revisiting A Famous Thought Experiment


When there are students with multiple levels of ability and learning styles within a classroom, you may run the risk of losing students to either boredom or apathy or both. Many students do not make connections between their ability to navigate websites in their social lives and the pursuit of scientific knowledge through credible research. In this lesson, student pairs use their ability to conduct web searches to gather information about Galileo. 

I introduce student choice as a core part of my curriculum development in an attempt to short-circuit what I some teachers describe as back-channeling. Back-channeling occurs when students misappropriate technology for social use when tasked with an academic assignment. At this point in the semester, we have completed the introductory unit where we talk about best practices for learning physics. Students have also had several experiences of working in heterogeneous teams at this point in the semester.

  Science depends on Models
  Relevance: Science depends on Models
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Lessons from Galileo

Unit 2: Lessons from Galileo
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Objective: Students will create a multimedia presentation that investigates the scientific legacy of Galileo.

Big Idea: Thought experiments are an essential tool utilized by physicists throughout history.

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Science, Physical Science, velocity (Physics), Motion, physics, time, kinematics, uniform acceleration, position, velocity, linear motion
  80 minutes
galileo galilei
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