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My district's vision and mission both include statements about "high standards" that are "built around challenging" curriculum. I love the Paradise Valley Unified School District's emphasis on a strong and realistic curriculum that prepares students for a future beyond high school, and I try to uphold these values to the best of my ability. By creating a practice test that is more challenging than the actual unit test, I'm encouraging my students to be well prepared and showing them the possible depth of problems. I also want to build confidence in my students, so if they are over prepared during a practice test, then they will likely feel a sense of confidence when reading questions on the unit exam.

  Even Practice is Challenging
  School/District Initiatives: Even Practice is Challenging
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Simple Harmonic Motion Unit Review

Unit 10: Simple Harmonic Motion
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will review elastic energy, Hooke's Law, pendulums, and waves in preparation for the Simple Harmonic Motion Test.

Big Idea: Who does a student need to solve simple harmonic motion problems? Today students work alone, with a partner, and then with the teacher to complete a simple harmonic motion practice test.

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Science, Waves, interference (Waves), wavelength, amplitude, frequency (Waves), Wave Collisions, springs (Physics), Motion, elasticity, period, Hooke's Law, AP Physics, Simple Harmonic Motion, physics
  50 minutes
practice test
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