Reflection: Student Ownership Structure of Plants - Section 3: An Outdoor Walk


When I explained to students that they would be going outside to study how the structure of a plant might influence how it grows, I didn't expect the range of ideas students had for how they might study the plants. Students asked for tape measures, rulers, drawing paper, etc. in addition to the things I suggested. When we went outside, some students sat right down next to a plant and started to measure and draw. Others walked around picking up things that had fallen to the ground and tried to match them to a tree or bush.

It was interesting to see how students took ownership of the project. They didn't need me to tell them exactly what to do, but instead, they were ready to explore on their own. By giving students responsibility for their own learning, slowly over the course of the year, students were ready to do this project without me telling them what to do.

They put together what they knew and figured out different things that might influence the growth of the plant such as the size of the roots, the shape of the leaves, the condition of the bark, how close together the plants were, etc.

Student ownership of their own learning is an important skill to foster.

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Structure of Plants

Unit 6: How Does It Grow
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Objective: SWBAT see how the way a plant is made helps it to survive

Big Idea: The structure of things in nature is often determined by the environment it lives in.

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