Reflection: Real World Applications Biome Travel Agency - Section 4: The Travel Convention


One student expressed how surprised she was at how hard "working" at a convention could be:

"I had to keep saying the same thing, over and over again... but each time it was someone new, and I didn't want them to be bored, I wanted them to vote for our project, so I had to act like I was really excited to say the same thing again.  I never thought about how hard it must be for people to work a job like that.  It's hard but it's kind of fun too, because everyone asked some different questions and I felt like I got to talk to my teachers and the other students in a different way than I usually do.  It was a lot of fun."

When I shared this student's experience with one of the adults in attendance, our school's work based learning coordinator, she remembered this student's enthusiasm and said that she voted for their group based largely on her ability to answer her questions authentically, rather than provide a "canned" response.  

My colleague went on to praise the project itself and made me consider ways to make it even more successful in the future.  She suggested actually having professionals that work in sales or the travel industry to attend and help students understand how the skills they're practicing could actually help them in the real world.  She also said I should consider holding the event after school when a larger number of teachers and students could attend.

This was all kind of new to me, because this was one of the few times I had invited my colleagues to come and see what was happening in my classroom.  I'm not claiming to be exceptional here... I think we'd all be surprised at some of the amazing innovations happening next door and down the hall at our schools if non-evaluative peer observations were a more common form of professional development.

  Wow... this is hard work!
  Real World Applications: Wow... this is hard work!
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Biome Travel Agency

Unit 5: Biomes
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Objective: Students will be able to research and organize information about a particular biome in a format that "sells" the biome as a vacation destination to an audience of teachers and students attending a mock travel convention.

Big Idea: Just knowing information usually isn't enough in the real world. To be successful, you need to present your case professionally and convincingly in an engaging manner appropriate to your audience.

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