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I find it very beneficial to engage the students (while exploring in teams of two) in conversation as they are working on the task.  I want to promote discussion about their thinking and the idea that you can learn from each other.  The video in the resource section of the Explore section captures how a student can engage their peer about their thinking.  I find it necessary to facilitate many of these opportunities for my 1st grade students.


  Promoting Science Discourse
  Discourse and Questioning: Promoting Science Discourse
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Passing Through?

Unit 4: Sound and Light Waves
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Objective: SWBAT identify that objects will allow all light to pass through, some light to pass through, or no light to pass through.

Big Idea: Today students will experiment with a flashlight and a variety of objects as they determine if an object is transparent, translucent, or opaque.

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Science, light wave, Light, sound effects, Waves, Sound, sound waves, 1st Grade, vibration, telephone, sound energy, ear, matter
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