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The paper unit provided me with some unique challenges.  Paper is all around us, every day.  We see it, touch it, and use it without thinking.  I needed to take this non-awareness and break it down so that the students understood paper, each step of the way, and develop a better appreciation for its place in our world. 

Paper is more multi-dimensional than we think.  To deepen these dimensions for the students, I need to present it from a variety of lenses.  By that, I mean the unit had to show that the ‘process’ of paper goes beyond the “it comes from trees” explanation.  I wanted to both give it a ‘face’ and help students really understand and apply the varied ways it’s used.  Give it meaning.  The purpose of this assessment is to do just that- ask students to authentically understand and apply how paper fits in their world.  I'm expecting the product to mean something and the explanation to clearly reflect the prior learning.  The more we create higher expectations for assessments like this, the better our students are able to transfer their learning to a variety of applications to enhance their current and future education.

  Authentically Demonstrate Knowledge
  Qualitative Evaluations: Authentically Demonstrate Knowledge
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Productive Paper- Assessment

Unit 12: Productive Paper
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will apply paper to a specific function and explain its use.

Big Idea: Why is paper important?

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Science, Science Skills, performance based assessment, Paper
  20 minutes
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