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I came upon this lesson by accident years ago. I had intended to use it as a fun way for students to practice and provide peer feedback on their integer multiplication. As I was circulating that day and listening to my students I heard two things that caught my attention:

  • Some students were celebrating successfully 'blocking' their opponent.
  • Some were compaining that they couldn't move the paper clips to the factors they 'wanted'.

I realized that they were actually dividing and didn't know it yet and so decided to continue teaching my 'accidental' lesson with a more explicit connection to division. 

Teaching it this way emphasizes the connection between multiplication and division, which is so much more effective than teaching two sets of rules. It reinforces the reason why the rules for division are the same as multiplication. I have had past experiences in which students get all the multiplication problems right and all the division wrong. I have had students complete all the multiplication, but leave the division blank claiming they don't know how to do those.

Not only does being explicit about this relationship help students understand the reasoning behind the rules. It also gives them a huge sense of confidence, because they realize they knew more than they thought they did. One of my hopes for my students is that when they encounter an unfamiliar situation they try to apply what they know rather than give up and assume they can't do it because they haven't been taught yet.

  Why the relationship between operations is important
  Student Ownership: Why the relationship between operations is important
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Integer Product Game

Unit 4: Operations with Integers
Lesson 22 of 24

Objective: SWBAT understand the relationship between multiplying and dividing integers.

Big Idea: Students will learn that the rules for dividing integers are the same as for multiplying integers.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Operations and Expressions, dividing integers, dividing negative numbers, game, connecting operations, student ownership
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