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As this paper unit developed, the class and I revisited ways to become better stewards of our environment. While this practice has been an over-arching theme to almost all of our Science units, it's inclusion in this lesson seemed like a no brainer. Paper is one of the easiest things to reuse, so why not make it fun?

Several years ago, my sister became involved in an organization that promoted women’s micro-industries in third world countries. She gave me and my daughter several pieces of jewelry that were made from used paper of various forms. When I planned this lesson, it occurred to me that paper beads were an ideal way to help Kindergarteners see a material like paper in a completely different form, one that’s both reused in a useful way and serves as something that can add beauty to our environment. When we can connect the curriculum to the real world, particularly if it's a cause that is so meaningful as supporting families and communities, it makes the scope of learning that much more meaningful.


  Reasons to Reuse
  Real World Applications: Reasons to Reuse
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Productive Paper-Prosperous Paper

Unit 12: Productive Paper
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will discover a different way to re-use paper.

Big Idea: How can changing paper help people?

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  35 minutes
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