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Art and design are areas that I consider myself very deficient in as a teacher.  I am one of those instructors who draw stick figures on the board, or who ask a student to sketch something for me when needed.  Like many small, rural schools, my school does not have an art program at the elementary level.  This is left for classroom teachers to deliver.  Sadly, my students get precious little art instruction in my classroom.

In this day and age of increased academic rigor, I am deeply concerned that we are leaving behind a whole generation of students with artistic abilities.  In the area of design engineering, this is an extremely worthwhile skill - and it is important that we communicate this to our students.  They need to know that these skills have value.  We also need to make a commitment to assist our students in the development of these skills.  Figuring out how to accomplish this is yet another task on my plate . . .

  Sketching in Engineering Design
  Real World Applications: Sketching in Engineering Design
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Plaid Pete and His Team Brainstorm Solutions!

Unit 3: Plaid Pete Engineers A Solution
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Objective: SWBAT generate and compare multiple solutions to a problem, based on how well they meet the criteria and constraints of a design problem.

Big Idea: How do engineering design teams turn their research into ideas? Students engage in a process to brainstorm ideas, and then collaborate to compare and revise their ideas based on the criteria and constraints of their design problem.

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