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Alright, I need to be honest about this lesson.  I made what would be considered a "rookie mistake".  I have done this experiment before, but I have never used neon food coloring.  I should have done a test run with this new food coloring before we did it as a class, but I figured, How different can my results be?" 

I was really surprised by what happened.  I couldn't believe that the flowers in the green only picked up the yellow and not the blue tones.  The students were really perplexed by this and honestly, so am I.  It threw off some really good predictions.  I realized that this was an opportunity for my students to demonstrate their science thinking and to argue why we got these results for our investigation, so instead of apologizing, I went with it and had the students think about what happened to produce these results.

The students really demonstrated some good thinking when rationalizing why the flowers ended up yellow.  I don't really know why the flowers turned out this way and that bothered some of the students, they wanted to know WHY it happened.  I explained that sometimes scientists just don't know why something happened the way it did.

There was great discussion as a result of my mistake.  I am glad we had the opportunity to have the discussion, but in the future, I will be sure to test out my investigation, even if it is just a slight change.  Live and learn!!

  That Wasn't In the Plan
  Lesson Planning: That Wasn't In the Plan
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Colorful Flowers Part 2-How Does the Stem Work?

Unit 7: Planting
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to describe the function of the stem by completing an investigation.

Big Idea: How do they get those bright, pretty flowers? This lesson will show students how this happens and help them understand the function of the flower' stem.

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