Reflection: Colorful Flowers Part 1-How Does the Stem Work? - Section 3: Prediction


I will be honest.  I thought this was going to be a very simple, fun activity.  I thought the students would really enjoy the investigation and that we would be able to make some connections to plant structures.  I found myself surprised when the students made their predictions.  I figured they would predict the flowers in blue water would turn blue, the flowers in the purple water would turn purple and so on.

This is not what happened.  Yes, a few students made predictions like those, but several students made predictions that really surprised me.  One student predicted that the flower in the red water would turn pink and the water would turn pink as well.  The student explained that pink is a kind of "light shade of red" and so the flower would suck some of the pink out of the water and leave some behind.  I was surprised how many students made predictions that the water holding the flowers would somehow change.  I heard discussions about molecules moving up the!

At first I was a little frustrated.  I was thinking that I had somehow failed the students, "Gee, they weren't able to make a simple prediction about a simple investigation".  Then I thought about it some more and I came to a different conclusion.  The students were showing some very complex thinking about what would happen.  The fact that they even considered that something could happen to the water shows that they have learned a lot and really were thinking like scientists.

At first I was thinking I would drop this lesson in the future, but after some further reflection, I realized that this lesson does provide a venue for my students to do some great scientific learning.  Sometimes a simple activity really allows the students to demonstrate their scientific knowledge.  I don't think I will be changing anything, in fact, I will be thinking about how I can add more experiences like this to my teaching in the future.

  A Bit Surprised
  A Bit Surprised
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Colorful Flowers Part 1-How Does the Stem Work?

Unit 7: Planting
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to describe the function of the stem by completing an investigation.

Big Idea: How do they get those bright, pretty flowers? This lesson will show students how this happens and help them understand the function of the flower' stem.

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