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The every day materials like paper can be a mystery. Present, yet so easy to take for granted. Projects are an attractive way to introduce engineering concepts and make them relevant. When we take something like student made paper and ask them to improve on it, it takes engineering to a whole new dimension. When we can use this delivery model to introduce someone with as gigantic a presence as Benjamin Franking, we give credence to all that follows. While the leap from printing to pressing was big, the benefit of this activity outweighs that stretch. The learning illustration is threefold- make effort that will be immediately used, look at a common material differently, and honor important thinkers that set a path for us. What I especially love about this lesson is the strategy that was student driven. They came up with their own solution from items that existed in their immediate environment. It’s very helpful to find multiple ways to test because it encourages a comparison that helps students look beyond what is present and now. In turn, it fosters creative thinking to their problem solving, a skill that has short solutions with long term potential, building on the work by important people like Ben. What a great way to connect their past and present with their future, don’t you think?

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Productive Paper A Pressing Matter

Unit 12: Productive Paper
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will compare different ways to create a smoother form of paper.

Big Idea: Can a paper’s form change?

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Science, Science Skills, ELL, Paper
  30 minutes
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