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Sometimes the best lesson plans are the ones I think about after listening to student misconceptions or after reading student summaries and reflections. Students breathed the life into this lesson when they explained in their summaries that solar panels are not the energy of the future because the technology is not good enough now. I was interested in helping them understand  the current state of the technology of solar panel. I thought hard about who would need to know about solar panel technology and I decided to use a member of Congress. Using a strategy of real life application, I offer an opportunity to consider how political decisions can be made. I found an article that would support my lesson and I was ready to flexibly switch to a new level of understanding.

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Solar Panel Technology

Unit 9: Designing for the Future: Designing a Solar Car
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Objective: SWBAT support a position regarding funding the research and development of solar panel technology.

Big Idea: Where should the money go? Students explore how solar panel technology is growing but is it fast enough? Should the government fun solar panel research?

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