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Vocabulary understanding is a common issue when reading science articles. I use a classroom procedure regularly when I give students an article.  In the class discussion of unknown words, there are three types of words I commonly come across. There are the words that someone in the class knows and can help define for everyone.  We have class discussions regarding these words. Typically these are words students know but didn't know how to read the word. Examples in the article include efficiency, dismal, semi-conductor, spectrum, and infrared. In this list are words students can use context clues to figure out. In the article there is decentralized, incentivize, crystalline, silicon,  re-purpose, hurdles and photons. 

There are the scientific words that I want to model to students how to use an on-line dictionary. I show students how to use because it is really fun for everyone to hear how the word is pronounced. I give the students ipads and ask them to look up the words to determine the meaning and listen to how it is pronounced. An example is Gallium-Arsenide.

The third set of words are words students will see again and again. Words like "efficiency" keep popping up. I complete a Frayer model with these words and ask the students to keep a list of these commonly used words in their notebook. This way when students come across the word again, I ask them to consult with their engineering notebook to determine the definition of the word. Photovoltaic is the word we used in a Frayer Model and that students added to their vocabulary list. In addition, I add the lists to my Word Wall. 

I present each set of words to the students in the power point Vocabulary Words Solar Technology. The first page is the scientific elements that students BOX to remember they are elements. The other words are circled. I give extra emphasis to the words that occur more frequently like multi-junction. 

  Routines and Procedures: Vocabulary Srategies
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Solar Panel Technology

Unit 9: Designing for the Future: Designing a Solar Car
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Objective: SWBAT support a position regarding funding the research and development of solar panel technology.

Big Idea: Where should the money go? Students explore how solar panel technology is growing but is it fast enough? Should the government fun solar panel research?

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