Reflection: Gradual Release Rethinking Friction - Section 3: More Thoughts about Friction


My decision to define friction, at first, as a percentage of the weight of an object may seem objectionable. Why bother to do so only to redefine it, properly, one or two class periods later? In the video below, I provide a brief defense of this choice and show how it fits within our classroom culture.


  "Undoing" an Idea
  Gradual Release: "Undoing" an Idea
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Rethinking Friction

Unit 6: Forces and Motion
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will enhance their understanding of friction and explore more complex free body diagrams.

Big Idea: Newtonian analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing a wide variety of situations involving multiple forces.

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Science, Forces and Newton's Laws, friction, Motion, Forces, free body diagrams
  80 minutes
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