Reflection: Checks for Understanding Adaptations: Learning to Research Traits of the 5 Vertebrates - Section 2: Research Time!


It is now May. My student's ability to be able to research well seems to be one of the challenges at the 4th grade level simply because non fiction text has become more complex and the skills involving skimming and scanning have to speed up for efficiency. I wanted them to completely understand at this point in time that ONLY the things they read from the articles can be listed on a research grid. They want to include their prior knowledge. After all, everyone knows that reptiles lay eggs. But, if it isn't the focus of that article and isn't included, I wanted them to realize that you don't write it in that grid. This made them squirm! They were so intent on ignoring me! 

  Checks for Understanding: Assessing Their Abilities
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Adaptations: Learning to Research Traits of the 5 Vertebrates

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
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Objective: Students use a gathering grid to develop understanding of how to research the classification of 5 vertebrates.

Big Idea: Using two separate gathering grids and two websites, students learn to research specific and the most important information about specialized body parts of the 5 vertebrates.

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Science, Classification Systems, Vertebrates, Gathering Grid, integrating technology, jig sawing, skim and scan, Integrating two texts, research, Strategies in researching, integration of, adaptation, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
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