Reflection: Backwards Planning Movie Pamphlet: Review - Section 3: Tying it All Together


To close I ask students to close their pamphlet and choose their favorite idea from the video to illustrate the front. Students can then share with me through illustration what they liked learning the best from the video. All students can successfully participate in this component and adds to their confidence in knowing the material. 

  Backwards Planning: Illustration
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Movie Pamphlet: Review

Unit 8: Review and Test Preparation
Lesson 1 of 2

Objective: SWBAT review and check their understanding while watching a comprehensive video.

Big Idea: Watching a good science video can help students take their learning and connect it to more abstract or hard to create opportunities within the school. Taking good notes is an essential part of learning and practicing with a movie makes it more fun.

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Science, review, note taking, science movie, Practice, test preparation
  45 minutes
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