Reflection: Checks for Understanding Name That Function - Section 4: Name That Part of Speech


I spent more time than I had originally planned modeling what I want them to do with the homework assignment, using the model for teaching students how to recognize phrases and clauses, and pointing out functions such as parallelism. While giving my analysis examples, I spent extra time pointing out other interesting language moves, too.  After the struggles they had in the Round Robin activity, the students were quite attentive, and some contributed to my analysis.  So it felt like they were starting to get the idea that they need to know the parts of speech and function of language to more closely analyze texts, but this will be more clear after they complete the homework assignment with the poem .  Also, their contributions and attentiveness here showed that the Round Robin activity, while fun, also served to set a tone for rigor.

  Emily Dickinson Example
  Checks for Understanding: Emily Dickinson Example
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Name That Function

Unit 1: The Function of Language
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT recognize the function particular parts of speech and syntactical structures have in texts by explaining their understanding of them from Constance Hale's book Sin and Syntax.

Big Idea: Every word, phrase, and clause of a text plays an important role in creating meaning.

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sin and syntax
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