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Using the organizer proved to be very effective.  The children loved it and it helped them to organize their ideas.  First they had to write the Earth change and then make a claim as to whether it is a quick change, slow change or both.  Having the organizer where they were given limited choices of the rate of change kept them on the right track.  Then in the next column they had to find evidence to back up their claim.  This was beneficial since they were able to focus on the idea of proving their original claim.  Having them write the book and page numbers helped them to understand that they need to be accountable for including the source of the information.

  Graphic Organizer--Was it Effective?
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Graphic Organizer--Was it Effective?
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Quick or Slow? I've Got To Know!

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
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Objective: SWBAT use information from several sources to provide evidence that Earth events can occur quickly or slowly.

Big Idea: Earth changes can happen quickly or slowly. The students will work in teams to stake a claim about these changes and then use texts to find evidence to prove their claims.

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