Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge You Can Make a Difference In the Life of An Endangered Elephant - Section 5: Class Discussion/Wrap Up


This lesson helped my students connect what they knew to be true based on evidence, in reference to  the adaptations elephants have made both structurally and behaviorally, and then relate it to the impact humans are having on the elephant population. This cause and effect relationship helped propel them to the bigger social issue of conservation. This lesson helped me connect both academic areas in a way that left this lasting impression on my students, one person, can make a difference.

  Teaming up Science and Social Studies makes sense
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Teaming up Science and Social Studies makes sense
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You Can Make a Difference In the Life of An Endangered Elephant

Unit 15: Elephants an Adaptation Project
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: Create a poster and a PSA explaining the importance of saving the African and Asian Elephants.

Big Idea: Cause and effect relationships are identified and used to explain that when the environment changes some organisms survive and reproduce, others move to new locations, yet others move into the transformed environment, and some die.

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Science, posters, conservation, adaptation, endangered species, elephants
  61 minutes
you can make a difference poster
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