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As I went over the lab with students I noticed several areas in which to improve the lab to make it more straightforward.  As I noticed these confusing aspects of the lab I highlighted them on a lab paper so that I could make the changes right away for the next time I teach the lab.  The changes that I made are reflected in this revised lab.  The changes include:

  • Making the introduction clear in terms of needing to have at least 3 tests which can be used as evidence (so if they have unclear results from a test they may need to do a fourth test).  I decided to make this change because some groups only did 3 tests but had mixed results for at least one of the tests so needed to perform a fourth test. 
  • Changing the materials to reflect what I actually provided to students.  I had included a conductivity tester to get students to realize that not every test would necessarily give them evidence; however, I felt that it ended up tricking students.  I also added a few more indicators and magnesium metal.
  • Making sure that the procedures explain that they should be written so that other students should be able to perform the lab.  I added this in because some students were not sure as to how detailed their procedures should be
  • Including explicit directions in regards to a data table.  This is also an area where I felt that I was explaining how to do the table to each group so felt that it was easier to give more information on the lab paper. 
  • Fine tuning the rubric to include the expectations for the first three rows, point values for each column, and total points possible for the lab.  Again, I realized after using the rubric that it needed a little bit more details

  High Quality Task: Changes to lab
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Acid and Base Scientific Explanation Lab

Unit 7: Unit 8: Water Quality
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Objective: Students will be able to explain which of four unknown solutions are acids through performing a lab activity.

Big Idea: There are multiple ways to test a solution to determine whether that solution is considered an acid or base.

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acid explanation lab
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