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Students really love the Top 10 PowerPoint and there are many directions to take with the discussion.  I liked asking "how do you feel about that?" or "what might be the cause/effect of this?" but what are the pros and cons of this or having students analyze the information to see if they can identify a pattern.  Students can relate this to many of the cross cutting concepts and there are lots of avenues for discourse with and between students if you have the time to invest in this discussion.

  Great Opportunity for Discussion
  Discourse and Questioning: Great Opportunity for Discussion
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Will We Still Be Human?

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
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Objective: SWBAT create arguments based on evidence as to whether or not their new version of "extreme humans" are a new species.

Big Idea: How much can you alter humans before they are no longer considered humans? Students focus on this question as they practice argumentation supported by evidence.

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Science, Evolution, ecosystem, natural selection (Evolution), argumentation based on evidence , adaptation, natural selection
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