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I was pretty surprised by the student responses to the "crossing ethical lines" discussion (most said we should as long as it helped more people than it hurt).  I was not anticipating this response from them as when we were discussing genetic modification as it relates to designer babies they were 100% against the idea (though when pushed, many stated that they would probably consider using the technology for their children if it was safe and free).  

I think this really shows that 8th graders are either not conceptually ready for or do not have enough life experience to really address this question in a personal way and the "greater good" is something that they see as important enough to sacrifice for. Not to say that you should not take the time for this discussion, but rather it is worth a longer discussion than I provided so that you can really challenge their thinking on this issue and make them feel a personal connection to the question. 

I wish I had the time to follow up with this idea and compare these statements with actions in their own lives (how many sacrifices have they made for the greater good of the school, perhaps in regard to bullying or homework or cheating).

  Students and Ethical Decisions
  Real World Applications: Students and Ethical Decisions
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Is It the End of Humanity - The Science Explanation

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT explain the science needed to accelerate evolution to create their redesign of humanity.

Big Idea: GMOs, cloning, artificial selection and natural selection: students explain the connection between these concepts and their plan for humanity.

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Science, ecosystem, Evolution, natural selection (Evolution), adaptation, natural selection
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