Reflection: Earth's Changes Multimedia Project Part 1 - Section 3: Model


When the children were working, but almost done with writing down their information on their graphic organizers, I walked around and checked in with the kids.  I asked if this organizer was helpful to them.  I received so many positive comments on the organizer.  Some children said it helped them focus by giving them parameters.  Others said that the suggestions at the bottom were extremely helpful.  Still another child said that organizer helped to bring out his ideas.

I really think that the organizer was very beneficial to all.    The children would not have been able to have the same quality of work without it.  It was a great guide for their writing, was an organizational tool and helped them remember what they had learned.  i will definitely use this organizer again next year.

  Graphic Organizer--How Helpful Was It?
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Earth's Changes Multimedia Project Part 1

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 18 of 21

Objective: SWBAT write an introduction and conclusion for a media presentation about how natural events change the land.

Big Idea: Natural events happen on our Earth everyday! We have learned how these events can cause quick or slow changes. Let's think about the information we have learned to help us write an introduction and conclusion for a presentation.

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