Reflection: Station Rotation Using Natural Resources Wisely Scavenger Hunt - Section 4: Wrap Up


This lesson was very beneficial in allowing students to see how we as humans can do a better job at preserving our natural resources. Allowing the students to see natural resources being used in different areas of our school, helped to put everything in perspective for the students. They were able to grasp a better understanding of how resourced are being used in our school, as well as how we can use them wisely to help save them.

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Using Natural Resources Wisely Scavenger Hunt

Unit 4: Natural Resources and Human Needs
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Objective: Students will be able to identify products that are used to deplete natural resources.

Big Idea: Students will go on a scavenger hunt around the building to identify depleting natural resources. They will create posters to remind the school community to be more mindful of our natural resources.

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Science, depletion, invasive species, natural resources, food, habitats, fuel
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