Reflection: Joy Daffodil Walk - Section 2: Finding The One I Planted!


As we approached the area where we had planted the bulbs last spring, I was so happy to see that they didn't disappoint us. There they were! The blooms and buds. It was the reward I had been hoping for.

What surprised me was that each student remembered exactly where they had planted their bulb. They squealed as they found their plant. As students observed, photographed and noted the structures of the plant, I could see how much joy they got from doing this very multifaceted project. Science, Social Studies, Memorial, and Community Spirit was intertwined.

I would do this over and over again, in a heartbeat.

  Joy: Excitement
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Daffodil Walk

Unit 6: Plants: Structures and Processes
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Objective: Students identify specialized external parts of a daffodil and observe it in its environment.

Big Idea: We take a walk to enjoy and observe the blooming daffodils we had planted the fall before to further our understanding of how this beautiful plant grows and survives a cold Wisconsin winter.

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