Reflection: Student Feedback Predict Using Characters' Actions and Rhythm - Section 4: The Students Take a Turn


When we completed the 'predict and verify' worksheets, many of the students needed help so I did use some prompting.   I had some students who were more independent and did not need help. 

For the students who needed prompting, their answers were usually correct. However, for kids who worked independently, their mistakes became a point for instruction. Here's an example of a student's worksheet. I would always prefer that my students make mistakes because those mistakes give me feedback into their thinking, and the discussion that follows benefits all kids.

  Student Feedback: More instruction happens when students make mistakes
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Predict Using Characters' Actions and Rhythm

Unit 3: Let's Practice Predicting
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT predict how a character will develop over the course of a text and describe how rhythm and rhyming supply meaning to a story.

Big Idea: Characters' motivations and rhythm - they help students predict!

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English / Language Arts, Reading, rhyme, Special Education, 2nd Grade, prediction, rhythm, character motivation, story elements, figurative language, predicting, illustration
  50 minutes
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