Reflection: Checks for Understanding Creating My Model of a Playground - Section 5: Elaborate


So, I am walking around watching the students work, and I notice that many of them are not following my instructions. Most of their illustrations are too small, and they are not copying their design like they have it on their model on graph paper. I make a note to myself when this happens that I must have not been clear in my instructions. 

The way I try to fix the problem is by walking around as fast as I can having short conversations with each child. I say, "Why did you decide to change your design?" Then some of them actually said they had more room in other locations on their poster, but most had no real reason. So, they were just drawing for the sake of drawing. Although, this sample work(student work from explore section and poster) shows a student who actually changed her design with the purpose of improving the quality and size of the equipment.

The idea was for the students to create a rough draft to a scale. Then they would take suggestions, edit, and copy the design on poster paper. I simply said to the students who were just drawing for the fun of it without using their rough draft to guide them, "Please use your model. We are expanding on the original work you created." Really, this is an honest mistake, and I just had to redo my instructions while they were working. Sometimes I just don't know what will be confusing until I see my students actions. Then I just try to explain my self again. Most of the time I think the confusion comes, because I give too many instructions at once.

  Checks for Understanding: Helping Students
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Creating My Model of a Playground

Unit 8: Engineering Design
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create a poster size scale model of a playground.

Big Idea: Students use research, observations, and data from reading to finalize their model of a playground. Then they transfer their model to a poster.

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