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There are so many connections that you can make to the community which add real world application to the concepts you are teaching. During this unit, I take advantage of two local connections that help my students connect to the real world.

1.  Toyota National Lab Day

If you have local automotive company, enlist their services! In my area, Toyota comes to our middle school in an event we call "National Lab Day". Actual Toyota engineers come and talk about what it takes to be an engineer and then lead the students through lab stations that focus on engineering concepts. They bring in enough engineers that each individual class of students gets the presentation! Very cool!

2.  Cedar Point Physics and Math Week

Live close to a theme park? I am fortunate that Cedar Point is less than 2 hours away. I take my students to their physics and math middle school week where they can calculate kinetic and potential energy and make connections to Newton's Laws. This allows students to see exciting, real world application of the principles they learn in class!

Whether you live near a theme park or an automotive group, look for local engineering companies or community connections to what you are teaching.  Providing opportunities for students to identify real world applications is extremely important.

  Bring in the Community!
  Real World Applications: Bring in the Community!
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Rockets: Creating Models and Testing Solutions

Unit 8: Forces and Motion: All New-Tons of Fun!
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Objective: Students will be able to utilize the design process to design a solution to a problem based on Newton's Laws.

Big Idea: It's not rocket science.....oh wait, it is! Students use the design process to create a water powered bottle rocket that can launch hundreds of feet into the air!

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