Reflection: Rigor Solar Panel Simulation - Section 2: Solar Power Simulation


Why Use A Simulation?

  • It's a suitable learning environment to see what could really happen.
  • Simulations can include randomness and allow for independence.
  • A simulation accounts for reality and tracks events that occur.
  • It's dynamic, fluid, and free.
  • A simulation is a model used to determine output at no risk.


A simulation is an experience designed to rigorously help students develop competence and conviction. My students were highly engaged during this learning experience as they exhibited: task persistence, sustained attention, and a desire to continue learning the content. I witnessed peer to peer interaction as students helped each other with the content and in understanding how the simulator worked. It brought variety to the learning experience and was engaging for students of all learning levels (differentiated).

  Why Use A Simulation?
  Rigor: Why Use A Simulation?
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Solar Panel Simulation

Unit 6: Earth, Sun, and Moon
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT use a simulation to model the sun's intensity to produce more or less power.

Big Idea: A learning simulation is an experience designed to rigorously help students develop competence in the content.

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Science, Earth and Space Science, sun, models, simulation, solar power, foldable, Moon
  40 minutes
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