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Have you ever build a sand castle on the beach?  It takes time, energy and focus.  I remember sitting on the beaches of the Outer Banks when I was a child. I would build castles, revise my castle designs and try and try and try to make the perfect castle. I would begin with the sand because if the sand was too dry, it is almost impossible to get it to stick together.  I would try to add water to the dry sand but it never worked quite right so I would revise my location and move closer to the water source.  As I move closer the sand was always the perfect consistency for building sand castles however the closer you get to the water, the closer you get to the sand-castle destroying waves. I would always begin asking myself a series of questions: Should I start by making a moat to protect my castle from the waves? Should I make a wall around the moat? How can I redirect the water away from my castle?  Should I begin to build my sand castle using buckets, shovels and sea shells? I would think about how to use these buckets, the shells, the sand, etc. In this midst of building, I would change my design idea and rework the structure of my walls or moats.  As the tide would rise, I would immediately see my mistakes and work to fix them.  Every time I built my sand castles I would use what I learned in my new designs. 

This is what I ask my students to do in STEM!  It is all about persevering (Try and try again), delayed satisfaction (Enjoy the process - not just the finished product), emotional suppression (There's no crying in STEM!), and humility!

  Rigor: Take the time to revise!
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STEM, Animals & Biomimicry - Day 2

Unit 4: Unit 4: Biomimicry
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Objective: SWBAT to plan and design a solution to a human problem using nature.

Big Idea: Have you heard of Biomimicy? This amazing science is using nature to solve everyday problems! Check out how 1st grade students use this science!

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Science, animal (Classification), Influence of Engineering, Technology, and Science, on Society and the Natural World, observations, structure, function, animal
  55 minutes
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