Reflection: Problem-based Approaches 3 Students, 2 Receivers, and 1 Switch - Section 2: Mini Lesson


When I set up the materials trays for today's lesson, I intentionally placed more components than necessary on some trays, and not enough on others. 

I know that if I gave the students exactly what they needed, they would "test" combinations of connections without making any real decisions. In giving more or less, they had to plan, test, question, and revise their thinking. 

As the days go on, I will not even create trays.  I will have all sorts of materials on the counters and the teams will have to create a plan and a materials list before investigating. This is all part of helping students become scientific thinkers, planners, and problem solvers. 

  Don't Make it Easy
  Problem-based Approaches: Don't Make it Easy
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3 Students, 2 Receivers, and 1 Switch

Unit 9: Electricity
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to use scientific investigation skills in order to complete a circuit with two receiver and one switch.

Big Idea: During this unit, I have allowed students to learn all of the content through exploration and realization. In this lesson, students are encouraged to explore, using their current knowledge, how to create a working circuit with several components.

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Science, Electricity, investigation, Circuits, switches, receivers, conductors, insulators
  38 minutes
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