Reflection: ELL Students Plant Anatomy-Kindergarten Style - Section 2: Direct Instruction


This lesson focused purely on plant structure vocabulary.  We did not get into the function of different plant parts at all.  It was a challenge for me not to start discussing the function, but I knew that I needed to stick with the vocabulary.  During the lessons that I have taught during this plant unit, I could sense that many of my students were not familiar with the terms stems and roots.  This was especially noticeable with my EL students.  Even after the lesson, they were struggling to label the different parts.

Vocabulary can be a huge barrier to understanding scientific concepts.  I can talk about the stem holding the flower and leaves, or that the roots absorb water and nutrients that travel up the stem, but if I don't know what these structures are, this knowledge is meaningless. Purposeful vocabulary instruction is a must.  In addition, there must be opportunities to practice this vocabulary.  In the future days, I am going to create a plant naming activity for the science center and also use songs like the one referenced in this lesson to reinforce this important vocabulary.

  Expanding Vocabulary
  ELL Students: Expanding Vocabulary
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Plant Anatomy-Kindergarten Style

Unit 7: Planting
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Objective: Students will be able to identify the major structures of plants by labeling a diagram.

Big Idea: To really dive into learning about plants, students need to have an understanding of their basic structures. This lesson will help them build useful vocabulary for future learning.

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