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Some students may not eat pancakes due to gluten/egg allergies or personal preferences. These students may have a problem participating in this lesson. Because of this, I provide a variety of alternatives for this activity, including:

  • Providing gluten free and/or egg free pancake mixes that will still show similar reactions.
  • Allowing the use of other foods or examples that can provide a similar reaction (gluten free bread or cake mixes, etc)
  • Allowing the use of gloves while handling gluten foods or allowing students to mix those ingredients that will not cause a reaction.
  • Excusing them from the cooking portion or the entire lesson all together  (depending on the severity of their situation).

Be sure choose an alternative that is suitable for the student, and ALWAYS consult parents ahead of time!

  Gluten Allergies
  Flexibility: Gluten Allergies
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Pancake Science

Unit 7: Chemistry and Cooking
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT define density, describe how it can be changed through a chemical reaction, and apply the concept of density to the process of cooking pancakes.

Big Idea: How do pancakes get so fluffy? It's all about density! Students will learn the science behind making the best pancakes.

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