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When the children were blowing on the sand mound, I noticed how difficult it was for them to have a measureable amount of sand movement.  They were putting a lot of effort into trying to get the sand to blow off.  I had the sand a bit too moist, as if building a sand castle.  However, I did leave a small amount of drier sand at the bottom of the container so when it was flipped over, the dry material was at the top, which made it more vulnerable to erosion.  Next time, I will try to keep the sand on the dry side and then make sure that I have a larger layer of drier sand at the bottom of the  container.  In this way, when flipped over and the children blow on the straw, a greater amount will blow off the top and create a more visible amount of erosion.

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  Adjustments to Practice: Effective Erosion Tip
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How Can Wind Change the Shape of the Land?

Unit 7: Earth's Changes
Lesson 14 of 21

Objective: SWBAT take observational notes on the effects of wind erosion.

Big Idea: Wind is a powerful force! It can change the land in many ways. Let's take this idea down to its basic level and observe how wind can create change.

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