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One little hurdle we ran into is the lack of seeds we found on our playground.  Unfortunately, our playground is not overpopulated with many opportunities to find seeds.  There are very few trees or plants around.  We found we had to rely on the grass and wood chipped playground area to gather as much as we could.  

The next time I teach this lesson, I would find another area on the school grounds to walk around and gather seeds.  Perhaps, our intermediate playground side would be more plentiful. It has several large trees that would possibly have more seeds to find.  

  A Seedless Environment
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: A Seedless Environment
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We Are Going On a Walk!!! A Seed Walk!!!

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
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Objective: SWBAT explain and understand the five different types of seed dispersal.

Big Idea: Not all seeds travel and disperse the same way. There are various methods in nature that help plants to propagate. This lesson helps students to see those ways and understand each different method.

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