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I designed what I thought was a simple lesson that would allow my students the opportunity to practice their observational skills.  I was really surprised by how challenging this was for my students.  Many of the students did not look at the intricate details of the bean seed growing.  As a result, I had several students whose observation drawings looked the same regardless of the day.  They just saw "the bean", not what was happening to the bean. 

The entire time we did the observations, I had to lend support to the students.  I couldn't believe how many times I had to assist students in some way so they could be successful with the task. 

I thought I had provided adequate scaffolding for the students by modeling and conferring with them as they were doing their observations, but I guess that was not the case.  In the future, I may give more support to this lesson by doing the observations as a group, instead of having the students do the observations on their own time.  I think I also need to structure more time for my students to record their observations.  Perhaps recording simple observations with experiments from other units, will allow the students to be more successful during this task. 

  The Challenge of Observation
  The Challenge of Observation
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Look at It Grow Part 2-Tracking the Growth of Bean Seeds

Unit 7: Planting
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Objective: Students will be able to understand the seed germination process by observing and recording the germination of a bean seed.

Big Idea: Making and recording and observations are important scientific skills. This experiment gives your students the chance to practice these skills while observing the development of a bean seed.

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