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In this lesson, the students complete a simple planting investigation.  I was thinking to myself, is this really time well spent?  Is there something better that we could be doing to help the students learn more about plants and develop their depth of knowledge on the topic?

I found myself surprised by their limited understanding.  Some of their predictions about what would happen to the bean seed were really surprising.  Some of the students actually thought that there would be a bean pod inside the bag when we checked it the next time.  Many other thought it was going to grow into a “bush”.  Their lack of knowledge also showed as we were trying to decide where to put our bean seeds.  Very few of the students made a connection that sunlight or warmth would be valuable to help our seeds grow.

When I reflect upon this, I shouldn’t really be surprised.  I am guessing very few of the students probably have flower beds and probably fewer have vegetable or herb gardens.  They are not making a connection between the food that they purchase at the store and its source.  I realize that these lessons are valuable for helping the students understand more about where their food comes from.  I am going to keep this knowledge in mind as I plan additional lessons in this unit.  This is valuable information for the students to learn!



  Limited Exposure
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Limited Exposure
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Watch It Grow Part 1-A Simple Planting Investigation

Unit 7: Planting
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: To really dive into learning about plants, students need to have an understanding of their basic structures. This lesson will help them build useful vocabulary for future learning.

Big Idea: Students will make predictions about the process of plant germination during this simple investigation.

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