Reflection: Point of View - Determine the Narrator - Section 2: Independent Practice


As I was working with students, I noticed that they frequently assigned the wrong gender to characters or they missed the narrator due to gender pronoun confusion. Most of my students’ first language is Spanish. Spanish is a verb-based language that makes it easy to identify who is being referred to and the number.  I created a poster as a visual reminder of these pronouns. Rates of confusion dropped dramatically. 

  Is It a Girl or a Boy?
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Point of View - Determine the Narrator

Unit 7: Cliff Hanger
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine who is telling the story by identifying character pronouns in the text.

Big Idea: Sometimes readers needs clues to help them identify who is narrating a story. Identifying pronoun clues is especially helpful to native speakers of verb-based languages like Spanish.

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